PickUp3 is an easy, fun way for each of us to help protect marine life and ocean health.

PickUp3. Simple action. Instant impact.

When we hear the ocean is in trouble it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you want to take action but don’t know where to start, PickUp3 is your answer.

PickUp3 is a growing movement driven by communities that care. These communities want to remove plastic and other waste from our beaches, educate on the importance of ocean health and inspire people to take action and care for their oceans.

Our Trash Meter Goal
100,000 pieces of garbage removed from our beaches

The PickUp3 Challenge is simple:

Visit a local community beach

Pick up at least 3 pieces of garbage

Scan & record your trash count online

Have fun & challenge others!

How to get involved

PickUp3 welcomes Delta as a participating beach!

As a participating beach community, local Delta businesses and organizations have come together to sponsor events, promotional materials, and leadership education for 50 young people who will lead the movement in Delta. Our core team of youth volunteers will lead events at local schools, beaches, and shopping areas to spread the word about PickUp3.

Be our next PickUp3 participating community!

Thank you to our sponsors!

beach clean-up 3

Riding a growing wave of momentum

PickUp3 is a grass roots community effort to keep our local beaches clean and ocean pristine. Anyone from ages 0-99 can participate. The power of this movement is in the numbers – the more people that join, the bigger the impact.

We are calling on local schools, businesses, clubs, service groups, neighbourhoods, families and visiting friends in communities across Canada.

Rinse & repeat!

The beach and nature are good for our souls. So is being a part of what is going on in your community. Be sure to sign-up or visit our website often for updates on events and contests. Don’t forget to look for our PickUp3 team and Ocean Ambassadors volunteers at beaches near you!

Ocean Ambassadors: Operating to turn the tide on marine pollution

PickUp3 is a passion project started by Ocean Ambassadors Canada. We were motivated to start this project after seeing the negative impact of plastic garbage in our ocean—from microscopic organisms to entire marine food webs, the effects of plastic pollution are devastating. Current research suggests that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We all see the impacts when out enjoying our ocean and local beaches. Yet, many people feel powerless to help solve this global crisis.

Ocean Ambassadors is a registered charity that is turning the tide on marine pollution. Through our educational programs and community initiatives we get people to the ocean, educate them about the threat of marine pollution on the health of our ocean, and empower people to make real change.

Learn more about our program below. Thanks for moving us forward!

Alison Wood
Founder and Executive Director
Ocean Ambassadors Canada

pieces of plastic debris in the ocean

sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die from plastic pollution each year

tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year

Thank you to our sponsors!

The PickUp3 initiative is run by Ocean Ambassadors Canada. Sponsored by Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, Global Container Terminals and City of Delta.